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How to Avoid Phony Hard Money Lenders

Some phony hard money lenders have ruined it for a lot of lenders in the industry, as now many are looked at as money sharks. It is important to steer clear of the fake lenders and only deal with the real ones that you can trust.

There are many respectable hard money lenders out there and you can easily spot the fakes one if you pay attention to the red flags. Nothing can be a bigger sign than poor grammar and misspellings in the actual documents. This is one of the biggest signs that you are probably not dealing with a lender in the United States. It is always a smart move to work with a local lender. Also, be cautious of the number of types of loans they offer. You want to find a lender that specializes in hard money. It is usually a scam when a lender offers multiple types of loans like business loans, personal loans, home loans and car loans all in one place.

When it comes to a hard money loan, it usually requires some form of collateral to secure the loan. If you get an unsecured loan, that could be a sign of trouble. You never want to deal with those and also be wary of having to pay any large upfront payments. A large amount required at the beginning of the process is always a bad sign. Usually, only a small amount should be required as upfront payment.

A very low interest rate, ranging between 2 percent to 4 percent, along with no requirement of monthly payments, is also a sign that you should probably not deal with those hard money lenders. There is such a thing as too good to be true and these types of terms is usually what that means. Also, avoid lenders who do not have any websites or establish company emails. Scammers are known to use generic emails like Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail. There should be no reason that you need to search hard for any proof of their reputation.

All reputable lenders will have a website that contains basic information about them.

It is always a good idea to do your research and homework on any company that you decide to work with when it comes to dealing with finances. The website should always include information about where their physical location is, contact information, information about recent loans they have closed on and reviews. Scammers will often not have a website at all, or try to include as little information as possible. If you are still unsure, you can always check on their licensing. It is not a requirement to be licenses with the Better Business Bureau, but it is always a good sign when they are.

Pay attention to all of the documents and offerings.

Reputable hard money lenders will always be upfront about the programs they offer. They usually provide a sheet listing their terms along with a commitment letter. If you are being pressured on the spot to make a decision right away, then you should probably look for another lender. You will usually be given enough time to do your own research to make the right decision.

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