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Should I Use a Private Money Lender? Your Questions Answered

Big banks are the go-to for large loans, but is that the right way to go? Arizona Private Money Lenders  offer you accessibility, flexibility, and quick access to money.

If you asked 10 of your closest friends who they would go through to secure a residential loan or car loan, you would most likely the names of some of the biggest banks in the nation and in the world. For most people their first home loan or first car loan were serviced by a big bank and people tend to be creatures of habit. If you do not know much about Arizona Private Money Lenders you may be hesitant to seek out a loan from one.

Below we will give you some facts about Arizona Private Money Lenders  Phoenix borrowers trust and return to time and time again for their loan needs.

We bypass the big bank red tape

Is your credit perfect? Have you paid every car payment in the last 12 months on time? If so, that is fantastic! But that isn’t reality for everyone. What do you do when your credit is less than perfect, and you are ready to make an investment in a new home for fix and flip or rental? It can take months or years to perfect your credit score and in the meantime, you may be losing out on investment opportunities. Arizona Private Money Lenders are more concerned with what you have versus what you don’t. If you have stable income, already own an investment property, or can show another form of collateral, chances are your loan will be funded and QUICKLY!

We know you do not want to wait on your money

If you see the perfect home listed and know it could be your next fix and flip opportunity, you don’t want to lose out to another bidder. You need the cash NOW. We understand that and service our loans accordingly. As a Phoenix private money lenderwe can get you the funds quickly so you can act on your investment opportunities with haste. Don’t let opportunities pass you by as you wait days or weeks for your loan approval. Come to us with your personal property that proves to us you are a savvy investor at heart and we will help you make your investment dreams come true.

Short-term loans are our business

Our borrowers have quick turnarounds on their loans and that is what makes us the perfect lender for real estate investors. Not only do we approve and pay out quickly, but we offer the flexibility of turning your loan around quickly once you have fix and flipped your property. Repayment schedules do not have to be cookie cutter like the big banks require. We see you as an individual who needs an individualistic loan based on your needs.

If you’re ready to turn your assets into cash flow, then private money lending could be the way to go. If you want to learn more about our Phoenix private money lender company give us a call and let’s discuss how we can help you reach your monetary goals using short-term private money loans.