How to Prepare Applications for Commercial Real Estate Loans

Not all lenders have precisely the same requirements for commercial real estate loans, but they are very similar. Understanding the documentation which will be required is the first step in a successful loan application.

There are many factors which can dictate your documentation packet contents for commercial real estate loans. These can include the internal policies of the lender, your history with the lender and your financial health. But in general, there is a basic packet of documentation that most lenders will require. Having this information gathered and prepared for all lenders is a good way to create a professional first impression and to reduce your stress level as you pursue your loan.

Information about the size and scope of the project is likely to be the first information that any lender will want to see. This includes but is not limited to a complete description of any improvements or construction, the future use for the structure, drawings and design plans, environmental analysis, potential contractors and a timeline for the completion of the work. Although this might sound like a lot of documentation, it is really only copies of the information you have used to create the project, create the job cost and decide to actively begin the project.

Financial information about the project will also be critical to securing commercial real estate loans. For existing structures, the lender will want to verify the rent roll for apartment type structures or self-storage facilities. Lease schedules will be required for retail, office or warehouse space. In addition to pure occupancy numbers, the lender will want more details about the length of the leases and the types of tenants. This will help to determine the stability of the proposed income from the property.

Full Financial Disclosure

Lenders will also want to understand the borrowers big picture financial position. This is due to the fact that a borrower could hold multiple loans or could own other properties which might be financially challenged. A single poor investment can drag down an entire investment portfolio if not managed correctly. Money generated by one piece of collateral could be syphoned off to pay for the bad investment and put the new loan payments at risk.

Investor Financials

Finally lenders will want to understand the financial position of all investors in the project. This is to see if borrowers would have the personal ability or assets needed to make the loan payments if necessary. In addition, the lender can require investors or company owners to provide a personal guarantee for commercial real estate loans. The lender needs to know that the borrowers providing the guarantee actually have the ability to make good on their promise to pay. Knowing what is required prior to beginning your loan application process will help to reduce your stress and to complete the application more quickly. It will make a very positive and professional first impress to all of the lenders whom you are approaching for a funding.

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